Too nice for the likes of us: why buying fancy stuff makes us miserable

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the Guardian—Luxury purchases should make us feel like a million bucks but impostor syndrome is at work even while we’re shopping Shopping is a faith-based activity – we buy non-essentials because we believe, to some extent, that they will improve our lives. At the very least, we trust an indulgent new purchase to spark some fleeting satisfaction before fading into the tedium of all our other stuff. Yet according to research from Boston College and Harvard Business School, the psychological effects of buying...

Persona 5 Royal Preview: Story tidbits are nice, but it's new features like Will Seeds which make a bigger difference. If you go full Sam Porter Bridges and chug Monster out of a canteen, construct a hermetically sealed bunker to filter out all distractions, then invest in a new set of bionic eyes, you only need to take a full week off work to burn through a single playthrough of Persona 5. Make it two