MailOnline accounted for a FIFTH of all time spent on news websites during the general election

Mail Online -

Mail Online—The MailOnline took 21 percent of all hours spent on British sites, while the licence fee funded BBC website accounted for 28 percent of the public's time, the University of Oxford found.

The Good News Is That We Probably Won't Elect a Socialist. The Bad News Is That We Already Have, Many Times.. So Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) has won the New Hampshire primary, after coming in an oh-so-close second place in the Iowa caucuses last week (where he actually won more total votes en route to silver than the declared winner). The bad news for him comes from a new Gallup poll asking whether Americans would vote for various types of candidates, including black ones, Jewish ones, female ones, ones over the age of 70, and more. Gallup finds: Just one group tested—socialists—receives majority...