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  • How Cities Can Make the Most of a Pandemic Winter

    As winter approaches in North America and Europe, cities should be thinking about how to encourage and enable people to spend as much time outdoors as possible to help keep everyone sane and safe from Covid-19. From a great piece in CityLab by Alexandra Lange: Dress in layers, invest in silk and wool long underwear, get over your prejudice against parkas. Many people do this as a matter of course when gearing up for a day of skiing or a turn around the ice rink. But in cities, people dress for...
  • Does a win at Georgia stand between Auburn and playoff contention?

    Is Auburn a CFP contender? Has quarterback Bo Nix turned the corner? These are among the pressing questions facing the Tigers between the hedges on Saturday night.
  • Barcelona, Juventus, Man City among clubs with awful warm-up kits

    Clubs continue to send their stars out to warm up in some ghastly outfits.