President Trump Thinks His Crime Friend's Crime Wasn't Even That Illegal

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The Slot—On Monday evening, federal prosecutors in the Roger Stone case asked a judge for a nine-year sentence as punishment for his seven felony convictions, including threatening a witness and interfering with a congressional investigation into crimes possibly committed by his friend Donald Trump. But after President Trump wrote a night tweet calling the recommendation “horrible and unfair” while insisting that the “real crimes were on the other side,” the U.S. Justice Department has intervened to ask...

This is why Trump voters don’t see the president as an ‘elite’ — even though he’s a billionaire: author. Many political observers have found themselves baffled at how many people could support a billionaire like President Donald Trump even while claiming to be against America’s ruling elites. In a conversation with Slate’s Virginia Heffernan, author Joel Stein explains why there are actually two categories of elites in the United States, intellectual elites and economic [