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  • The Post-Pandemic Future of Porn

    A porn shoot used to mean a day on a professional set with a crew and cast. The makeup artists, lighting technicians, camerapeople, and co-stars that once buzzed around a set have disappeared. Now, performers are filming in their own bedrooms, by themselves or with a significant other, while a director joins remotely via Zoom. It’s an attempt to adapt studio shoots amid an indefinite hold on traditional on-set productions in response to the covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, performers have...

  • Pandemics And Our Love For Post-Apocalyptic Drama

    Better to go out with a bang than a wimper? Dating back to the roots of Christianity we have always been obsessed with 'The End.' The post Pandemics And Our Love For Post-Apocalyptic Drama appeared first on The American Conservative.

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  • This beekeeping hive harvests the honey for you — Future Blink

    Flow Hive 2 allows beekeepers to tap honey directly from the hive without disrupting the bees or getting stung while harvesting. Read more

  • Gym Reveals Future Layout In Post-Corona World

    "Social Distancing Walls" - Gym Reveals Future Layout In Post-Corona World  Tyler Durden Fri, 05/22/2020 - 05:30 With all 50 states taking the first steps into a post-corona world by reopening crashed economies -- Connecticut will join the reopening party by Wednesday -- fitness centers will have to restore customer trust with social distancing in mind.  Many gyms, health clubs, and yoga studios are still closed, but the ones that are reopening have adopted strict social...

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