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  • Full-Time Airbnb Hosts Strive For Justice

    The revolution will be on a website for a midcentury modern bungalow, CNBC reports. After Airbnb hosts complained that they’re getting nothing from the federal relief package (calling it a “publicity stunt”), and little from Airbnb’s own $US250 ($391) million relief package in the form of 25 per cent cancellation fees, the forgotten men and women of America have united and forged their own paths by building their own direct booking websites. The report comes on the heels of news that Airbnb will...
  • Full-time contracts replaced by retainers for women's cricketers

    Governing body has admitted that return of men's cricket is the priority, in order to safeguard broadcast deals

    The Telegraph
  • Uber Lays Off Another 3,000 Full-Time Workers

    The layoffs come just weeks after 3,700 customer support and recruiting team employees lost their jobs.