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  • Behind Closed d'Ors: Ranking the Best Players in the World Behind Closed Doors

    Welcome to the first edition of the Behind Closed d'Ors—a ranking of the best players during lockdown football season

    Bleacher Report
  • Duking it out behind the closed doors of the Enormo-Dome that is Wembley

    Sign up now! Sign up now! Sign up now? Sign up now! With four teams who have won the past six FA Cup finals between them ready to duke it out behind the closed doors of the cavernous 90,000-seat Enormo-Dome that is Wembley Stadium in this year’s semi-finals, you could be forgiven for thinking the FA Cup has perhaps lost just a teensy-weensy bit more of its lustre. In previous years, the reluctance of assorted top-flight and Championship sides to take the competition seriously resulted in reduced...

    the Guardian
  • Fashion houses unveil plans for major shows behind closed doors

    Dior cruise collection to be shown without an audience, while Burberry announces outdoor eventCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFashion is following the example of football, by restarting its season behind closed doors.Christian Dior announced on Monday that a major show which had been scheduled to take place in May is to go ahead on 22 July. Models, make-up artists and musicians will be flown to Puglia in southern Italy for a blockbuster cruise show, for which a...

    the Guardian
  • Stuart Broad spoke to a sport psychologist to prepare for playing behind-closed-doors

    Despite his vast experience, Stuart Broad has expressed concerns about the sterile nature of behind-closed-doors cricket, admitting: 'Maybe I'll have to pick more of a battle with the opposition!'

    Mail Online