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  • New Windows 10 update causes big printer problems

    A Windows 10 update released on 9 June 2020 has left a number of PC users unable to print usng devices from a number of manufacturers.

  • Trump campaign doesn't need a new 'shake-up,' it needs a new Trump

    The funniest narrative building this week is that President Trump’s reelection campaign is hoping to “shake up” its operation in light of a torrent of polls and news coverage that all indicate Trump is cruising toward a colossal defeat in November.

    Washington Examiner
  • New legislation could cause Bitcoin major problems in the US

    Three US Republican senators introduced a bill that would make it difficult for people to own Bitcoin in the USA

    Coin Journal
  • Trump tweets that Russia bounty allegations are 'Fake News'

    WASHINGTON (AP) " President Donald Trump on Wednesday dismissed as 'Fake News' allegations that Russia offered bounties for killing American troops in Afghanistan. He said news stories about the allegations were made up to 'damage me and the Republican Party.'Lawmakers have been demanding answers over the allegations, and Democrats have accused Trump of bowing to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the risk of U.S. soldiers' lives.They returned from a briefing at the White [

    The Palm Beach Post