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  • Top Gun, Bottom Gun, or Vers Gun?

    Since the dawn of time, or 1986 (close enough), people have given Tony Scott’s Top Gun the kind of fluttery side eye that Kelly McGillis gives Tom Cruise in one of the movie’s scenes that takes place in an elevator. Is it or isn’t it

    The Muse
  • ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Gameplay Trailer Teases “The Definitive Star Wars Pilot Experience”

    EA has released the full Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming title. This game is rather different from Star Wars: Battlefront and is very much a high-flying game set against the backdrop of space in the Star Wars universe. Your journey begins in a single-player story as two combat pilots flying for both the Empire and the New Republic. You switch back and forth, getting the ability to use different kinds of weapons and fly different kinds of ships (although...

  • Star Wars: Behind-the-scenes image of an Ewok without fur leaves Star Wars fans terrified

    Image, shared by creature designer Jake Lunt Davies, stemmed from the making of The Rise of Skywalker

    The Independent
  • This Gun Was Used by Winston Churchill and By Hon Solo (Yes, in Star Wars)

    Peter Suciu History, World A long journey from real-life conflict to the set of Star Wars. As one of the earliest “self-loading” or “automatic” pistols to be developed the German Mauser Construktion 96 (C96) differed greatly from the handguns to come. That could explain why it attracted unconventional thinkers and was the primary handgun carried by Winston Churchill and T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia). The pistol it was the preferred sidearm of the Sultan of Constantinople’s bodyguards, while...

    The National Interest
  • Meet The Sten Gun: The $10 Weapon That Saved Great Britain in World War II

    Peter Suciu Technology, Europe After the defeat of France and the retreat from Dunkirk in 1940, Great Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany and needed a new weapon—one that could provide more firepower but also would be cheap to produce. That weapon was the Sten Gun. There is no denying that the machine gun changed the modern battlefield in ways no one expected—military planners saw the potential in how the weapons increased the rate of fire and provided a powerful defense. Because of the...

    The National Interest
  • Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller goes mask free to visit smoke shop in WeHo strip mall

    LA Mayor Eric Garcetti made cloth masks mandatory for all outdoor activity on May 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic

    Mail Online
  • Hitler's MG 42 Machine Gun War the Terror of World War II

    Warfare History Network History, Europe The reasons are obvious.  Here's What You Need To Remember: Whether called the “linoleum ripper” by Soviet soldiers, the “Spandau” by the British, “Hitler’s zipper” by the Americans, or Hitlersage (“Hitler’s saw”) or “Bonesaw” by its German users, the MG 42 machine gun proved its combat worth on every European battlefield. Its ominous and terrifying “ripping cloth report” announced to all the presence of the best machine gun available. More From The...

    The National Interest