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  • Trump doesn’t want to make America great — he wants America to make him feel great: conservative columnist

    Writing in The Bulwark this Thursday, conservative columnist Windsor Mann contends that Donald Trump views the presidency as simply a way to stay on TV. “President Trump craves attention and approval more than anything,” Mann writes. “Being on The Apprentice, Trump told Playboy in 2004, was ‘like being a rock star. Six people do nothing but sort my mail. [
  • The Secret to Leading Without Authority

    The author of Never Eat Alone and Who's Got Your Back talks about his new book and strategies for elevating collaborative teams.

  • America Has a Secret Police Problem

    Earlier this month, I spent a Wednesday afternoon walking through downtown Washington, D.C., to see the aftermath of the recent protests and riots. Federal police had used force to clear peaceful demonstrators out of Lafayette Park next to the White House, to the nation’s stunned horror, only two days earlier. After two-and-a-half months in which the coronavirus pandemic had largely kept me confined to my apartment, it was a surreal experience: What had been a bustling city center before the...

    The New Republic
  • We Must Decide Whether We Want to Save America

    America is in crisis. We can only save this nation if we choose to love America and the Constitution more than we engage in bitterness and division.
  • America's Largest Nuke: Here's What the B83 Nuclear Bomb Can Do

    Caleb Larson Security, Americas One powerful weapon. Key Point: This nuke could cause a lot of damage. And it is only a regular gravity bomb. The B83 is one of two so-called “dumb” or unguided nuclear bombs that the United States maintains as a part of its post-Cold War Enduring Stockpile arsenal. Along with intercontinental ballistic missiles and other smaller nuclear-capable bombs, stocks of the B83 are kept in case of emergency. It replaced a number of older American free-falling weapons,...

    The National Interest
  • Russian democracy is a farce. Putin wants the same fate for America

    The Kremlin bullied and bribed Russians to the ballot box again on Wednesday, the latest episode of what long ago became a painful mockery of democracy, writes Garry Kasparov.

  • A Russian billionaire wants to buy some of America's controversial statues

    Billionaire businessman Andrey Filatov's foundation, which collects Soviet-era art, has offered to buy controversial American statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander Baranov, saying that both figures left a "positive mark" on Russia.