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  • Rickie Fowler is searching for his game ... has he found it?

    He's had to fight through swing changes, and the blisters that come with swing changes, to find his missing game. It's only one round, but perhaps he's located it in Detroit, at a tournament in which his name is on the marquee.
  • The search for nature in times of crisis and beyond

    As a fellow hiker took a picture of the extremely faint Manhattan skyline stretched out beyond an inlet of the Long Island Sound, I thought about how financially privileged we were to be there. I had paid $27 for a round-trip ticket to the Marshland Conservancy in Rye, Westchester County. This was way back on a crisp Sunday in February 2020, before New Yorkers realized that the coronavirus was a tangible threat to any city other than Wuhan, China. The Marshlands Conservancy is a wildlife...
  • Microplastic pollution found in Antarctica for the first time

    The tiny pollutants were identified inside the guts of springtails clinging to a piece of polystyrene covered with algae, moss and lichens on King George island, Antarctica.

    Mail Online
  • Lost and found: $200,000 in gold bars

    Someone left a package of gold bars worth $190,000 on a Swiss Federal Railways train on its from St Gallen to Lucerne. Authorities have spent nine months trying to find the rightful owner to no avail. Now, the public prosecutors office is seeking the public's help in finding the absent-minded individual who left them behind. From CNN: In a bulletin dated June 2, officials said the owner has five years to make a claim for the treasure. A spokesperson for the prosecutor's office told CNN that...

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