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  • Analysis: States are hitting pause on reopening. Here's why

    The coronavirus is increasing or flat in nearly every state. Only four states are seeing a decline in cases.

  • Where states are reopening after the U.S. shutdown

    At least 100 million can move around again. Public health officials warn a deadly surge may follow.

    Washington Post
  • Cases spike in Sunbelt, other states back off on reopening

    NEW YORK (AP) " Arizona recorded more coronavirus deaths, infections, hospitalizations and emergency-room visits in a single day than ever before in a crisis Wednesday across the Sunbelt that sent a shudder through other parts of the country and led distant states to put their own reopening plans on hold.In Florida, hospitals braced for a surge in patients, with the biggest medical center in Florida's hardest-hit county, Miami's Jackson Health System, scaling back elective surgeries [

    The Palm Beach Post