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  • ‘The magic of the casual acquaintance has been lost during lockdown’

    ‘Casual sometimes acquaintances don’t know about about my flaws, so when I’m sat under their gaze it can feel like I don’t have any’, writes Annie Lord

    The Independent
  • At 35, Ronaldo may have lost a step during the lockdown

    Cristiano Ronaldo is struggling to regain his famous explosiveness following the three-month break for the coronavirus pandemic

    ABC News
  • Lost and found: $200,000 in gold bars

    Someone left a package of gold bars worth $190,000 on a Swiss Federal Railways train on its from St Gallen to Lucerne. Authorities have spent nine months trying to find the rightful owner to no avail. Now, the public prosecutors office is seeking the public's help in finding the absent-minded individual who left them behind. From CNN: In a bulletin dated June 2, officials said the owner has five years to make a claim for the treasure. A spokesperson for the prosecutor's office told CNN that...

    Boing Boing
  • I've Finally Found Swimsuits I Don't Hate My Body in, and It's All Thanks to This Brand

    I'd consider myself an "in-betweener" when it comes to size - not curvy, but not fit and toned, and definitely round around the edges ("apple-shaped," if we're using the fruit-size guide). I'm not especially self-conscious in clothes, but when I'm wearing a swimsuit, I hate everything about my body. All I see are doughy, jiggly bits. That is, until I discovered Aerie one-piece swimsuits. I had known all about Aerie and its #AerieReal campaign for a while now, and I love seeing so many women of...

    POPSUGAR Fashion