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  • The Dis-United States Of America

    The Dis-United States Of America Tyler Durden Sat, 07/04/2020 - 11:35 Submitted by GEFIRA, We all remember those shots. American troops are entering Baghdad. A tank stops somewhere in the city, cautiously, in the vicinity of a Saddam Hussein monument. After a few minutes of apparent inactivity, a crowd is beginning to form around the monument. The crowd is not all that big. It rallies around the figure of Iraq’s president. Soon an American soldier climbs the monument...

    Zero Hedge
  • Welcome to the United States of ‘Idiocracy’

    This toxic idiocy is getting people killed.

    Washington Post
  • How much of the United States does China really own?

    The American Security Institute recently released a report and launched a campaign to draw further attention to the extensive array of sectors the Chinese government and its partners have invested into.

    Fox News