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  • Coronavirus Cases Are Spiking in States That Reopened in May

    On Friday, the same day that Vice President Mike Pence bragged about how we had purportedly “flattened the curve” of the covid-19 pandemic, the United States set a record high of new confirmed coronavirus cases. Read more

    The Slot
  • Coronavirus: Mexico's death toll passes 30,000

    The country now has the world's fifth-highest number of Covid-19 deaths, more than France.

    BBC News
  • What we're learning about coronavirus as cases surge after US states reopen

    Many states are pausing – or even reversing – plans to reopen as the US reports record-high numbers of coronavirus cases The United States reported a record number of new coronavirus cases as it headed into a holiday weekend. Health officials and experts attribute the rise in cases to reopenings across the country, uneven use of masks and increased travel. Three experts discuss what they have learned about coronavirus transmission during reopenings – and urge caution over the upcoming holiday...

    the Guardian