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  • Is Facebook the New Fox News?

    And is Mark Zuckerberg doomed to go down in history as a Donald Trump enabler?

    Vanity Fair
  • A "For Us, By Us" Vision

    What could a “village mentality” look like in New Haven? Less white saviorism from nonprofits and college students swooping in to help, IfeMichelle Gardin posited. More community-generated programs rooted in neighbor-to-neighbor relationships.

    New Haven Independent
  • Facebook will warn you when you share old news

    Sometimes an article that was relevant a few years ago is painfully obsolete now, and sharing it might do more harm than good (and invoke the fury of your journalist friends). And sometimes it's just so old that everyone (but you, apparently) has already seen it.  Yet, it happens to all of us — it's easy to forget to check the publication date, which is often hidden from view.  Now, Facebook is doing something about it. On Thursday, the company announced it will start showing a notification...