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  • A "For Us, By Us" Vision

    What could a “village mentality” look like in New Haven? Less white saviorism from nonprofits and college students swooping in to help, IfeMichelle Gardin posited. More community-generated programs rooted in neighbor-to-neighbor relationships.

    New Haven Independent
  • Critics of US-Taliban deal say militants can't be trusted

    WASHINGTON (AP) " Intelligence that Afghan militants might have accepted Russian bounties for killing American troops did not scuttle the U.S.-Taliban agreement or President Donald Trump's plan to withdraw thousands more troops from the war.It did give critics of the deal another reason to say the Taliban shouldn't be trusted.The bounty information was included in Trump's president's daily intelligence brief on Feb. 27, according to intelligence officials, and two days later, [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • US envoy forges ahead with troubled Taliban peace deal

    Washington’s envoy to Afghanistan emphasized the economic benefits of the peace deal with the Taliban, forging ahead with an agreement that has run into new political obstacles in the U.S. and the region

    ABC News