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  • What black America means to Europe – podcast

    Many have attempted to claim that ‘things are better here’ for black people than in the US. This ignores both Europe’s colonial past and its own racist present. By Gary Younge • Read the text version here Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • What does it mean to be Black and queer in America today?

    Black LGBTQ leaders — including "Pose" star Dominique Jackson, lawmaker Andrea Jenkins and advocate Tiq Milan — joined NBC's "Pride and Protest" town hall.

    NBC News
  • Darren Walker: Corporate America has failed Black America

    The President of the Ford Foundation, Darren Walker, joins to discuss the work corporate America needs to do in the wake of the reckoning happening in American on racial inequality.
  • Dancing in the streets: The heyday of Black DJs and the music that moved Black America

    Though Donald Trump has tried his best to ruin Juneteenth weekend for all of us who celebrate with his Stephen Miller-inspired racist routine, Orange Trumpie can’t stop no show. We are still BBQingand though younger folks may be listening to hip-hop and other genres of music, some of us older folks are hearkening back to the hits of the late ‘50s, through the ‘60s and into the ‘70s during the heyday of rhythm and blues and what later became Black rock ‘n’ roll. Since we are in the middle of...