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  • Vivica A Fox: 'Black Lives Matter is going to be Trump's demise'

    The actor has pushed the envelope for portrayals of black women and been up close with the president and Harvey Weinstein. “You come at me crazy, it’s gonna be on like popcorn,” she warns It is 8am and Vivica A Fox, the star of two Independence Day films, two seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, both parts of Kill Bill and, latterly, two Sharknado movies, has been awake for hours. She sprang out of bed at 4am, pottered around and “did a little social media post” about her podcast, Hustling with...

    the Guardian
  • Trump supporters vandalize a city-sanctioned Black Lives Matter mural in California

    Authorities in Martinez, California, are looking for an unidentified couple who defaced a city-sanctioned Black Lives Matter mural with black paint just hours after the artwork was completed

    Mail Online
  • Fox News host: Black Lives Matter protesters would be called ‘terrorists’ if they were Saudi

    Fox News host Tucker McNear Swanson Carlson said during his Thursday evening broadcast that it would be clear to Americans that there was nothing “local” about the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests if the demonstrators were from Saudi Arabia. If the protesters were Saudi nationals, then Americans would call the demonstrations “terrorism,” Carlson, who has called white supremacy [