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  • A bathroom-break bill? California looks to make sure warehouse workers can take a break

    Amazon workers, among others, could have bathroom breaks enshrined into state law.

    NBC News
  • Breaking: We're Fucked

    Today, as a group of Texas bar owners protested against statewide lockdown orders bearing signs that read “Bar Lives Matter” and the governor of South Dakota declared an upcoming Trump event near Mount Rushmore wouldn’t require social distancing measures of masks, Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke in the Senate during a committee hearing on safely reopening the country. Essentially, the nation’s top infectious disease expert suggested, we’re fucked: “We are now having 40-plus thousand new cases a day,”...

  • Breaking up Big Tech

    Mr. Scarborough’s passionate call comes at an opportune moment, with a bipartisan investigation underway in Congress into the state of poor competition in the digital marketplace. Unfortunately, there is some risk that today’s charged political season may turn these investigations and debates into political theater. It’s imperative, however, to pass new anti-monopoly laws and regulations to ensure giant tech companies don’t improperly foreclose competition in digital markets whether it involves...

    Washington Post
  • Have a heart, KitKat, don't break with Fairtrade

    Nestlé is big in York, but the city is fighting the brand’s decision to make life harder for African cocoa farmers Here’s a quiz question: how many KitKats are produced in the Nestlé factory in York each year? A hundred million? Keep going. The plant makes a billion of the UK’s bestselling chocolate bars annually. That volume is one reason that the company’s shameful decision to end the brand’s Fairtrade certification will have such a devastating effect on cocoa farmers. I visited some of the...

    the Guardian
  • Breaking Down The Coronavirus – David Icke

    Icke recently banned in Mexico for 'wrongthink' thought crimes.
  • State parks breaking records

    With many indoor activities on hold during the pandemic, state officials have been encouraging people to get outside for exercise, recreation and fresh air. One top Baker administration official said Tuesday that people are taking that advice to heart.

  • Breaking the limit of chemical compounds

    Since the end of the 19th century, transition metal carbonyls have been an important and familiar class of compound in coordination chemistry and organometallic chemistry. In these materials, carbon monoxide molecules (CO) are bound to transition metals as the central atom. In this subject area, the team of Prof. Dr. Ingo Krossing and Wiebke Unkrig of the Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry at the University of Freiburg has succeeded in synthesizing brand-new transition metal...