How Can We Coexist with Asia's Communists?

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The American Conservative—If Trump was relying on his special relationships with Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping he's going to have to think again. The post How Can We Coexist with Asia’s Communists? appeared first on The American Conservative.

Buchanan: Can We Coexist With Asia's Communists?. Buchanan: Can We Coexist With Asia's Communists? Tyler Durden Fri, 06/19/2020 - 21:10 Authored by Patrick Buchanan via, Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met for seven hours at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii with the chief architect of China’s foreign policy, Yang Jiechi. The two had much to talk about. As The Washington Post reports, the “bitterly contentious relationship” between our two countries has “reached the lowest point in almost half a...