New York Times Realises Big Tech News Aggregation Like Apple News Actually Bad

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Gizmodo Australia—The New York Times has announced it is ending a partnership with Apple’s news aggregator app, with the company citing a greater need for a more direct relationship with readers. The paper reported Monday in its own coverage of the Grey Lady’s unceremonious breakup with Apple News that readers will

The New York Times has quit Apple News. Spencer Platt/Getty Images The New York Times has removed its content from Apple News. The Times' COO said in a memo that Apple News wasn't sending readers directly to The Times, and didn't allow the paper to control the presentation of its reporting. Apple News takes a 30% cut of any subscriptions made through its app. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The New York Times has walked away from Apple News. The paper announced on Monday, June 29, that it was ending its...