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    Both globally and in the US, the payments ecosystem is evolving. Two related trends: the slow death of cash and the fast rise of digital payments, are transforming how consumers, businesses, governments, and even criminals move money. Annual global non-cash transactions are expected to pass the 1 trillion milestone by 2024. This major transformation is being propelled by several factors, including increased usage of digital wallets, more small vendors adapting to accept credit cards, and the...
  • This Trump appointee was just fired for going on antigay Twitter rampage

    Meet Merritt Corrigan, the former deputy White House liaison at the US Agency for International Development (USAID) whose recent tweets about LGBTQ people and refugees went too far even for the [
  • “Trump Republican Party” candidate steals a church’s “sodomite flag”

    A Trump supporter in Washington state who’s running for election this year stole a church’s rainbow flag, called it the “sodomite flag,” and threatened to do it again if the [
  • ACLU Sues University of Maryland Hospital for Turning Away Transgender Man

    BALTIMORE — The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in federal court last week alleging that University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center turned away Jesse Hammons for a [