Headlines on 2020-7-27

  • Trump National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien Has Coronavirus

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  • How to Make Our Communities Safer by Reducing Our Reliance on Policing

    From Alex Vitale, author of The End of Policing, a list of 10 Ways To Reduce Our Reliance On Policing And Make Our Communities Safer For Everyone, which includes proposals like having mental health and social workers to respond to crises, have crime labs operate independently of law enforcement, and replacing cops in schools with counselors & safety coaches. For children growing up during the era of mass incarceration, seeing armed officers in their schools is commonplace. Federal grants...

  • Coronavirus Journal Five

    A few weeks ago, my boy friend Ron and I left town and spent a weekend at Vitambi Springs, the popular wilderness resort and campground near Clewiston, for rest and [

  • 100 Days Out: Trump v. Biden on LGBTQ Representation

    Over the coming days, HRC will be highlighting the key attacks from the Trump-Pence Administration and the commitments from the Biden administration to undo those attacks and build a better [

  • War on Christmas: Anti-LGBT Hate Group Calls for Boycott of Hallmark Cards, Wrapping Paper, Ornaments

    Late last year, the anti-LGBT hate group One Million Moms pressured the Hallmark Channel into removing four Zola.com wedding commercials featuring lesbian couples (above). However, the Hallmark Channel quickly reversed [

  • Only Six Weeks to Eliminate Coronavirus in the US? Sure.

    From We Can Eliminate Covid-19 if We Want To by Andy Slavitt: We can virtually eliminate the virus any time we decide to. We can be back to a reasonably normal existence: schools, travel, job growth, safer nursing homes and other settings. And we could do it in a matter of weeks. If we want to. Take New Zealand. With its fancy curve and life back to normal. Why can’t we? Not fair, you say. It’s an island nation. Okay. What about Germany? Not an island nation, large, growing diversity. Don’t...