Headlines on 2020-9-8

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  • Drop in oil prices ominous...

    Drop in oil prices ominous

  • Salmon May Harbor Covid For Week, Study Shows...

    Salmon May Harbor Covid For Week, Study Shows

  • The Next Reconstruction?

    In The Atlantic, Adam Serwer writes about the parallels between the present moment and Reconstruction, the post-Civil War period where the biggest strides toward racial justice in America were taken. In response to the protests happening in American streets this summer, Trump pulled out Nixon’s “law and order” playbook but that move backfired on Trump, much like the way that Andrew Johnson’s push for the US government to remain white during the early years of Reconstruction did. The shift...

  • The Best Self-Help Books of the 21st Century

    I appreciated this list of 21 Books for a Better You in the 21st Century from Kelli María Korducki, filled with books that help the self without necessarily being quote-unquote self-help books. Here are a few selections I found interesting: The Body Is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor. “Taylor argues that our personal bodily hang-ups — and the beauty standards that inform them — are manifestations of internalized inequality. By lending credence to unjust strictures, our self-hate...