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  • Younger Video: 'Love Can't Wait' in New Trailer for Series' Final Episodes

    We’d normally roll our eyes at yet another round of Liza and Charles’ never-ending game of emotional ping-pong, but with only five episodes left in Younger‘s run, we’re choosing to savor every last drop of melodrama that we can. A new trailer for the back half of Younger‘s seventh and final season dropped on Friday, [

  • Connecticut firefighter resigns after being caught on video saying drug addicts should be allowed to die from overdoses

    A Connecticut firefighter has resigned after he was caught on video disparaging drug overdose victims, the Connecticut Post reports. Video footage from a Black Lives Matter rally shows a counter protester, identified as firefighter James Stanley, arguing with protester over Narcan, a nasal spray drug used to treat overdoses. "I think you get rid of (expletive) Narcan, and when people overdose, you let them die," Stanley can be heard saying in the footage. The video then cuts off after...

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  • BUSTED: Trump-loving Huntington Beach official caught filing for unemployment – while receiving his full salary

    A fully employed California city councilman -- who's also a vocal Donald Trump supporter and notorious coronavirus conspiracist -- got caught filing for unemployment. Tito Ortiz, a UFC star and Huntington Beach councilman, filed an unemployment claim Feb. 22 with the California Employment Development Department stating that was "still working part-time or on-call – related to the coronavirus (COVID-19)," reported the Orange County Register. "He's been receiving the same amount of wages and...

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