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  • It's been 1,287 days since Bayonetta 3 was announced for Nintendo Switch

    Three years, six months, and 1o days of nothing.December 7, 2017. That’s the date we got official word from Nintendo and Platinum games about Bayonetta 3. As we bathe in the warm glow of Nintendo’s E3 Direct, we are still waiting for even a screenshot of Bayonetta 3. It’s been a long time since the

  • Mass. announces vaccine lottery; several chances to win $1 million

    As the state reached 4 million fully-vaccinated residents, Gov. Charlie Baker and his administration are continuing to push to get more shots in arms.

  • Republican announces $3 million bounty for Bigfoot — on the floor of Oklahoma legislature

    Republican state Rep. Justin Humphrey gave a speech on the fictional Sasquatch known as Bigfoot on the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, KOCO-TV reports. "I did plan on trying to get a little attention for a festival in Honobia, Oklahoma — which is where everyone knows where Bigfoot lives. I've got a couple of guys who say that he lives out in the west, he does not, he lives in Honobia, Oklahoma," Humphrey said. Humphrey was honoring the owner of a Bigfoot-themed gas station...

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