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  • The European Super League plan collapsed. But it might not be dead forever

    Now known as the "dirty dozen," 12 powerful European soccer clubs tried to form their own enclosed league.

  • JP Morgan ‘misjudged’ football fans over European Super League

    US bank’s involvement in ESL funding prompted sustainability downgrade for ethical performance JP Morgan Chase has said it misjudged its decision to bankroll football clubs’ failed attempt to create a breakaway European Super League, after a huge backlash from fans and politicians. The US bank had financed a €3.25bn (£2.8bn) funding package for the plan, which would have seen 15 European teams, including six of the biggest in England, given permanent places in an annual competition. Continue...

    the Guardian
  • Chaos and collapse: European football’s not-so-super league – podcast

    Plans for a breakaway super league rocked European football this week as fans, politicians and the game’s governing bodies united in fury. After two chaotic days, the whole scheme had collapsed. David Conn looks back on a week of humiliation for football’s richest clubs Plans released on Sunday night for a breakaway European Super League have stunned the world of football and provoked a massive backlash against the clubs involved. Six English teams joined three each from Spain and Italy to...

    the Guardian