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  • Harford COVID-19 metrics have improved drastically as April comes to a close and outdoor mask mandates lifted

    As April began, Harford County had the worst COVID-19 positive test rate in Maryland and one of its highest average new case rates. As the month comes to a close, those metrics have been halved, something the county’s top health official attributes to improved behaviors and more people being vaccinated.
  • Outdoor mask mandate relaxed in Massachusetts

    People are no longer required to wear a face covering outside, as long as proper social distancing is taking place.

  • End outdoor mask mandates and other commentary

    Pandemic journal: End Outdoor Mask Mandates It’s “time to end outdoor mask edicts,” insists Scott Gottlieb, a former Food and Drug Administration commissioner, at The Wall Street Journal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which “still prescribes social limits while outside,” is “moving too slowly in updating its advice to comport with the scientific

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