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  • VCs: Here’s what you need to know about Egypt’s startup scene

    Egypt is fast becoming one of the most promising arenas for innovative startups — with a growing community of young, tech-minded entrepreneurs, international investors are sitting up and taking notice. The country has one of the fastest-growing startup scenes in the MENA region and is becoming a global competitor. According to a report from Startup Genome, Egypt is in the top ten global ecosystems with affordable talentand has a total ecosystem value of $1.2 billion. There are multiple factors...

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  • Building Black: Ekow Nimako’s All-Black Lego Sculptures

    For his series called Building Black, Ekow Nimako uses only black Lego pieces to build fantastical and futuristic sculptures based on West African masks, folklore, and medieval kingdoms. From Colossal: Running through each of these artworks is a fluid understanding of time and space that blurs the distinction between generations, locations, and histories in order to imagine a new reality. “We are all living proof of our ancestors, all their joy, love, knowledge, and pain. They live in our DNA,”...
  • It’s hard to know which are more embarrassing, David Cameron’s desperate texts or the replies

    If Alexander Greensill feels let down by the former prime minister, he does have a small country called the United Kingdom with which to share his pain

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