Google drops Argentinian domain name, man buys it for $2, Google takes it back

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Boing Boing— was a domain belonging to Google, the 1.5 trillion-dollar tech giant. The domain somehow lapsed. A man bought it, perfectly legally, for $2. Then Google took it back. Here's Nicolas Kurona, the 30-year-old web designer who noticed the site was down, couldn't believe the DNS report, and had $2 to spare

Argentinian buys Google’s domain name for £2. Designer living in Buenos Aires says he snapped up after noticing it available in registry Google’s entire web presence in Argentina was last week briefly redirected to the website of a 30-year-old designer who bought the company’s domain name for just £2. Nicolas Kuroña, a resident of Buenos Aires, says he noticed that the company’s services were down when he began receiving messages from friends on WhatsApp. But rather than doing what many would have, and shrugging before...