The Politics of Who Gets to Define 'Woke'

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Politics—Famed Democratic strategist James Carville seems to have one job of late: Popping up to offer his list of grievances about the left’s influence on the Democratic Party. It’s what he did in February 2020, during a Vox interview in which he expressed concern at the party’s chances of beating Trump, sneered at the notion of canceling student loan debt, and complained that the party has become overrun by leftist urban elites. Now, over a year later, he spoke with Vox again with a similar ax to...

Get woke, go broke: Pious, political Oscars crashes, loses tens of millions of viewers. The Oscars is much like late-night "comedy" these days, where viewers can tune in to see Stephen Colbert or Seth Meyers or Trevor Noah make poignant arguments about abolishing the filibuster.