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  • U.S. administers 346.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines -CDC

    The United States had administered 346,456,669 doses of COVID-19 vaccines in the country as of Sunday morning, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

  • White House: U.S. has given 110 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to 60 countries

    The U.S. has donated more than 110 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccines to 60 countries, the White House said Tuesday, as President Biden plots new ways to get more Americans immunized at home. “According to the United Nations, this is more than the donations of all other countries combined

    The Washington Times
  • Pfizer and BioNTech to supply U.S. govt with additional 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine

    Pfizer Inc. and German partner BioNTech SE said Friday the U.S. government has purchased an additional 200 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine. The partners said the new doses will be delivered from Oct. 2021 through April 2022. The new order brings the total the two companies will deliver to the U.S. government under its existing supply agreement to 500 million. Separately, on June 10, the companies confirmed an order for 500 million doses that the U.S. government plans to donate to the...
  • Coronavirus tally: Global cases of COVID-19 top 195.3 million and U.S. government may mandate vaccines for federal workers

    The global tally for the coronavirus-borne illness climbed above 195.3 million on Wednesday, while the death toll climbed above 4.17 million, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University. The U.S. leads the world with a total of 34.6 million cases and in deaths with 611,288 as the highly infectious delta variant continues to spread fast, especially in states with low vaccination rates. The federal government is weighing whether to have all federal employees vaccinated against...