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  • Traditional media and social media are overrun with lies about the end of U.S. war in Afghanistan

    On Tuesday, President Joe Biden delivered an address that officially brought America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan to a close. There’s no doubt that conflict will continue in that country as the Taliban, ISIS-K, and other forces scramble to gain control in a civil war that has gone on over twice as long as the U.S. involvement in that country. It also seems likely that there will be more drone strikes or other military actions as the U.S. seeks retribution for the airport bombing that took the...
  • Social media and the modern grandparents

    As the Philippine Christmas festivities are starting to engulf everyone’s spirits, there is a sweet and less-celebrated occasion this month that deserves its own recognition. Grandparents’ Day, celebrated every second Sunday of September, is a secular holiday which commemorates the bond between grandparents and grandchildren.
  • The Taliban's social media dilemma

    Days after taking control of Afghanistan earlier this month, the Taliban used its first press conference to take a swipe at Facebook in response to a question about freedom of speech.