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  • Two Reasons to Take the Penalty and Claim Social Security Early

    Trevor Filseth Social Security, Americas Early retirement and aversion to risk Here's What You Need to Remember: Ultimately, claiming Social Security early is not the right decision for many Americans. For those who have not already saved for retirement, filing for Social Security at age sixty-two is simply the wrong decision. Social Security benefits are calculated based on two factors: a person’s thirty-five highest-paid years in the workforce, and the age at which they claim their benefits....

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  • Fears about Social Security's future funding shouldn't prompt you to claim benefits early

    A new report finds Social Security can only pay full benefits for 12 years. Experts say fears about the program's future shouldn't lead you to claim early.

  • Don't Claim Social Security at 62. It Isn't Worth It.

    Trevor Filseth Social Security, Americas At sixty-two age, the highest possible benefits one could receive per month would be around $2,300—and the vast majority of benefits will be significantly lower. Here's What You Need to Remember: The Social Security Administration allows Americans to claim their benefits before the FRA. However, to compensate for the extra years of payments, they also take a certain percentage of the monthly benefits away. Social Security normally takes effect at a...

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  • Why Some Americans Choose to Collect Social Security Early

    Stephen Silver Social Security, United States It makes sense for some Americans, but not for all, experts advise.  Here's What You Need to Remember: More than half of Americans fear that Social Security won’t be there for them when it’s time for them to collect it. That’s according to Nationwide’s eighth Annual Social Security Consumer Survey, conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of the Nationwide Retirement Institute.  When it comes to strategizing when to claim Social Security payments,...

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  • Here's How to Properly Return to Work After Claiming Social Security

    Trevor Filseth Social Security, Americas The average retirement age in the United States has risen steadily over the past fifty years. Here's What You Need to Remember: Enough workers are continuing to work that some have made a difficult decision—retire, claim Social Security, then return to work. This, however, can be tricky. In a person’s 60s, as they approach retirement, they can expect to receive the first of their monthly Social Security payments. These payments are scheduled to begin...

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  • : How do I claim Social Security from my ex’s earnings?

    Qualifying for Social Security spousal benefits -- even if you're divorced
  • 5 Key Points to Consider Before You Claim Social Security

    The big decision every retiree has to make is when to start taking their Social Security benefits. Here are five things to think about as you weigh your options.