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  • Commanders reportedly ordered Marines to clean up anti-Taliban graffiti before leaving Kabul airport: 'F*** ISIS + Taliban'

    Before finally leaving the Kabul airport in the wake of the chaos created by President Joe Biden's mishandled withdrawal from Afghanistan, U.S. Marines were given an important task: Destroy things that might be useful to the Taliban, the Washington Post reported this week. A job they were apparently happy to do. They were also reportedly given a less-than-great task: Clean up graffiti at the Kabul airport that was insulting to the Taliban, as well as pick up trash. This, according to the...

  • The Taliban is Helping Americans Leave Afghanistan

    Trevor Filseth Afghanistan, While there have been reports of reprisals against some, U.S. citizens have mostly been left alone, possibly due to the Taliban’s growing concerns about its international reputation and its desire for diplomatic recognition abroad. Following the Taliban capture of Kabul on August 15, with hundreds of American civilians still present in the city, there were fears that the group would attempt to institute reprisals against Americans or otherwise prevent them from...

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  • In Afghanistan, ISIS-K is Infiltrating the Taliban

    Trevor Filseth ISIS-K, The Taliban’s leadership ordered all of the group’s commanders to investigate their foot soldiers’ backgrounds, hoping to weed out members of other extremist groups hiding among the Taliban’s ranks. The Islamic State’s “Khorasan Province,” or ISIS-K, has waged a small but highly active insurgency in Afghanistan—first against the internationally-recognized Afghan government, aided by the United States and other coalition forces, and then against the Taliban, following...

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