Paul Schrader Talks “Infectious” Cancel Culture, Why The Oscars Are “Broken” & Being Thrown Out Of Paul Dano’s Zoom Poker Club – Venice

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Deadline—Paul Schrader is set to return to Venice Film Festival tomorrow with The Card Counter, four years after his Ethan Hawke-starring First Reformed debuted at the Italian festival to acclaim. The director’s new movie stars Oscar Isaac as a wandering poker player, William Tell, who has a dark past working in military ‘black sites’. When [

Venice Review: Paul Schrader’s ‘The Card Counter’. “I don’t really feel like it’s going anywhere,” a character in Paul Schrader’s The Card Counter laments at one point, and for a good long time one is inclined to feel this way about the film itself. Like the titular low-end professional gambler, Schrader here plays the long game, winning as often as not by [