The Afghanistan exit

Washington Post -

Washington Post—My dad worked for the State Department, and my family lived in New Delhi from 1956 to 1959, when I was in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. There were just a handful of Americans there at the time, and we were free to live anywhere. My parents rented a house where we had Indian neighbors. One woman patiently taught me how to knit. Her husband was a veterinarian and gladly snipped off the tails of newborn puppies when I carried a basket of them next door. Mom and Dad taught our Indian...

Biden’s shameful exit from Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, Americans are taking a terrible humiliation, but the United States and our allies face greater dangers if we take the wrong lessons from this debacle. We went into Afghanistan to destroy al Qaeda and the Taliban but, in the process, took on nation-building. Before President Obama’s 2009 troop