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  • Apple adds original Apple Watch to list of vintage products

    More than six years after release, Apple has added the original Apple Watch models released in 2015 to its list of vintage and obsolete products.Credit: AppleInsiderThe original Apple Watch, sometimes called the "Series 0," was first released in April 2015 with a starting price of $349. Its inclusion on the vintage and obsolete list marks the first time an Apple wearable has been declared "vintage." Read more

  • Google adds new ways to shop, like turning a website’s photos into shoppable products – TechCrunch

    Google today introduced new ways to shop through its platform, including both online and via its Google Search mobile app. In an update coming soon to the Google Search app for iPhone, the company will begin to leverage a new machine learning model using on-device processing to recognize the products found in images on a [

  • Google adds a guitar tuner to Search

    Smartphones have made it easier than ever to tune your guitar. All you have to do these days is find a decent tuning app or ask Google Assistant to tune your instrument. Now Google has made the process even more painless by launching a chromatic tuner right within Search. The tech giant has told Android Police that it has just rolled out the new Search feature, which can be accessed on pretty much any device.  Unlike the Assistant function that needs, well, a device that can access the voice...

  • Google adds more information to its ‘About this result’ feature

    At the start of the year, Google added a feature to its search engine called About This Result. By tapping on the three dots icon located next to most results, the tool allows you to find out more about a website before you navigate to it. With the initial rollout of About This Result, Google displayed information from Wikipedia, and, if that wasn’t available, it pulled what it could from one of its services. The panels also included details about the website like when it was first indexed by...

  • How to add and edit headers or footers in Google Docs

    Google Docs lets you add headers and footers to your documents and automatically insert elements like page numbers, page count and footnotes.

    Business Insider
  • Google adds sustainability info to Maps and Search

    Google this week introduced several ways for individuals to make sustainable choices, whether lowering their carbon footprint, supporting clean energy, or taking eco-friendly actions. "When people come to Google Search with questions about climate change, we'll show authoritative information from sources like the United Nations," Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a blog announcement. "It's all part of our goal to help 1 billion people make more sustainable choices by 2022." ...

  • Google Maps adds layer for tracking wildfires

    The new layer on Google Maps gives users near real-time information about multiple major wildfires at once.