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  • Meet the New Ye

    A freaky new haircut, Michael Myers masks, and a brand-new name: welcome to the week in Kanye. (Or, uh, just Ye.)

  • MAP: Where coronavirus is in Pennsylvania

    MAP: Here is where all reported cases of coronavirus in Pennsylvania are located.
  • Meet the People Who Won't Have Sex Until They're Sterilized...

    Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos GettyWhen Sasha was in college, she did what a lot of young women her age do: she Googled which birth control would work for her. But after some research, the answer seemed to be: none of them. Almost every method had drawbacks: increased risk of irregular bleeding, depression, menstrual cramps, or pelvic infections.When Sasha began her first sexual relationship, she ended up temporarily taking hormonal birth control pills. But she was so nervous...