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  • Nintendo's OLED Switch is the best Switch yet, but don't rush for this upgrade

    Nintendo's new OLED display-enhanced Switch is not terribly exciting, but it's still the best version of this console. There are sensible improvements that give the "OLED Model" a major advantage over the hardware that launched back in 2017. It's nothing transformative, though. Even the people who feel compelled to always have the newest, shiniest versions of their favorite tech toys should think carefully before making this $350 device an automatic purchase. While the standard model ($300), the...

  • Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux is now available as a Microsoft Store app

    To be clear, it was never a difficult process, per se; Microsoft maintains a set of easy-to-follow installation instructions over in its WSL documentation. However, it did require basic knowledge and familiarity with command lines, which the average user may not have. Granted, those users might prefer to stick to

  • Nintendo Switch Pro: everything we know about the long-rumored 4K Switch

    The Nintendo Switch Pro continues to remain elusive, despite numerous reports pointing to the existence of a 4K Switch.