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  • iOS 15 update fixes unlock with Apple Watch bug on iPhone 13

    It's a must-have update for those who have both devices.

  • Upcoming iOS 15.1 beta 2 fixes the Unlock with Apple Watch bug on iPhone 13

    As some users have reported, the new iPhone 13 models have troubles with the Unlock with Apple Watch feature that was introduced with iOS 14.5. Apple is aware of the issue and iOS 15.1 beta 2 already contains a fix for it. For now Apple recommends that you disable the feature and use a passcode unlock while waiting for version 15.1. Unfortunately, it’s not clear yet when it will graduate from beta. Especially since the fix requires watchOS 8.1 to be running on the your Watch and that is...
  • Apple fixes “Unlock with Apple Watch” bug

    iPhone 13 users who want to unlock the smartphone with their Apple Watch will need to be running the latest beta versions of the operating systems powering both devices.