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  • Democrats Can’t Just Give the People What They Want

    Nor would that be totally advisable.

  • Can the United States Defend Taiwan from a Chinese Invasion?

    Daniel L. Davis China-Taiwan Relations, Asia-Pacific Few leaders in “establishment Washington” have taken the time to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.  Here’s What You Need to Remember: Taipei should continue to bolster its defenses through an A2/AD strategy of its own so that the cost of forcible unification by China would be so significant—and ultimate success would not be guaranteed—that the Communist...

    The National Interest
  • A Chinese House Church Is Under Threat, and the United States Can Help

    Bob Fu, Arielle Del Turco Religious Freedom, Asia America is also the best hope for these Chinese believers—and we should help. On October 5 and 6, eight Chinese house church Christians were denied asylum in South Korea. One was Pan Yongguang, a beleaguered pastor who had fled increasing government harassment, raids, and interrogations in China. Pastor Pan could have sought safe haven alone, but instead, he held a church vote so his congregation could pray and decide together if they would...

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