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  • As Fox News Celebrates 25 Years of Changing Media, It Bypassed the People Who Changed the Network

    An upstart in 1996, on its 25th anniversary, Fox News is now just establishment, especially in telling its story.
  • Fox News is directly responsible for the decline of America over the last 25 years: MSNBC anchor

    Fox News was blasted for a quarter century of right-wing propaganda during a hard-hitting segment that aired Friday on MSNBC. "Tonight, the undeniable evidence that Fox News is the real source of America's rising rage," anchor Chris Hayes said. "There is a direct pipeline from what appears on Fox News to the absolute worst manifestations, worst behavior, worst elements of our politics in society. Input to output, clear and strong connection," Hayes said. "Just take a step back and survey the...

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  • Watch: 25 years of sexual harassment at Fox News

    Fox News is a notorious safe harbor for sex pests and misogynists, so The Daily Show had its work cut out for them when they made a three-and-a-half minute video showcasing the network's most pathetic moments of smug white guys demeaning women, body-shaming them, making sexual comments, and leering at women co-hosts. — Read the rest

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  • Fox News: 25 years of making America crappier

    Fox News Channel has offered us oh so many ways to mark its 25th anniversary. How could we possibly count them? Creating a chronological list of its Achievements in Outrage would be a massive undertaking; someone else is welcome to it. Retracing its history back to the start, when the late Roger Ailes launched the network with an array of opinion-based programming packaged to resemble news and calling it "fair and balanced," has been done. Citing poll data and statistics proving the extent to...

    Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism