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  • Politics and the PNP

    With even the disaster emergency alert network being hijacked by a candidate, Philippine National Police chief Guillermo Eleazar has been issuing directives reminding PNP personnel that they must not allow themselves to be used for partisan purposes in the upcoming general elections.
  • All politics is local

    We wrote last week of the inside the beltway candidates, referencing those from high national office.
  • Politics is not rational

    At its heart, political decisions are made by people who are constantly buffeted by subjectivity.

    Washington Post
  • What Are Political ‘Surgeries’ in Britain?

    The person-to-person meetings with voters give Britons unusually good access to their political representatives. But questions are being asked about whether the tradition can continue.

  • The Popularization of Political Repression

    If social media material is any indication, the sheer ugliness of American political sentiment is increasing exponentially, and the ugliness is getting harder and harder to tune out. To the extent that its inner character shines through on the intern

  • So much for ‘all politics is local’

    David Horsey/ Tribune Content Agency
  • The Politics of Parental Revolt

    A single exchange may decide the Virginia governor’s race. At one point during a September 28 debate, Republican Glenn Youngkin slammed his opponent, former Democratic governor Terry McAuliffe, for vetoing a 2017 bill that would have allowed parents to remove their children from courses studying sexually explicit material. McAuliffe shrugged off the criticism. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” he said. The post The Politics of Parental Revolt appeared...

    Washington Free Beacon