Joe Biden Responds to 'F*ck Joe Biden' Signs in Michigan: '81 Million Americans Voted for Me'

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Breitbart—President Joe Biden responded to supporters of former President Donald Trump who welcomed the president to Michigan with anti-Biden signs. Biden reacted to a crowd of Trump supporters who flew signs that read “Fuck Joe Biden,” “Trump won,” and even

Pro-Trump MAGA protestors wave obscene ‘F’ Biden signs ahead of President’s Michigan speech. Patches of Trump supporters lined the highway as President Joe Biden's motorcade made its way on M-59 to Howell, Michigan after Air Force One landed at 2:23 PM local time. They waved false flags declaring "Trump Won," and others saying "Fuck Biden." Videos posted by reporters, along with local news reports, show the obscene signs were not a rarity among the MAGAites. Reuters' Jarrett Renshaw reports he saw "at least a dozen signs that read “F#%# Joe Biden." Michigan's MLive reporter for social...