Hackett London's Secret to Success

International Business Times UK -

International Business Times UK—Working from a tiny tailor shop in Bristol, Jeremy Hackett was just an ordinary young man trying to make a decent living. Little did he know that his short acquaintance here would be a groundbreaking propel to the fashion world. Fast forward, the exposure would not only enable him to work in several boutiques but also at Savile Row.

Victoria’s Secret Used To Define Women; Now Women Are Trying To Redefine Victoria’s Secret. After years of seeing Victoria’s Secret lace panties and dainty bikinis in the catalog that used to come in the mail for my mom, I finally set foot into a real store when I was 12 and visiting New York City for the first time. Inside, the hot pink walls and floor-to-ceiling cabinets resembled the fantasy closets all girls my age used to dream of. I touched everything — corseted bodysuits, fruity-scented splash bottles, comfy boxer briefs, and silk bath robes — and could easily envision the kind...