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  • Joe Biden's gas prices headache is far from over

    The Department of Energy has announced the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

  • Joe Biden Should Worry: Gas Prices Drop Thanks to Omicron

    Stephen Silver economy, Americas Just as the original arrival of the coronavirus pandemic caused demand and prompted oil and gasoline prices to plunge in 2020, fears surrounding the Omicron caused another drop last week. A few weeks ago, most people would have been happy to hear that gas prices had dropped significantly. But now that it’s happened, most likely won’t be so happy about why.  The average gas price in the United States dropped this week, for the third week in a row, this time...

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  • Oil majors 'pocketing the difference' as gas prices surge: Biden

    Oil majors have raised gasoline prices for the sake of their own profits, US President Joe Biden said Tuesday as his administration looked for ways to lower prices at pumps nationwide at the beginning of the holiday travel season. The White House has upped the pressure on oil markets amid a spike in energy prices that has driven overall US inflation to record levels. Biden had earlier in the day announced the United States would release crude from its national stockpile along with China, India,...

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  • Joe Biden, under fire over inflation, moves to bring down gas prices before Thanksgiving

    Inflation hit a 30-year high in October as Americans have seen price rises for basic goods including food and fuel.