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  • Politics Has Too Much Posturing and Not Enough Problem-Solving

    As someone who tries to evaluate specific public policies based on their merits and adherence to my long-held libertarian philosophy, I've been increasingly dispirited by the crazy partisanship that has consumed our political debates. These days, we're supposed to simply pick a team and cheer as it runs up the score on the other team. "Don't you know that politics is binary?" conservative friends would ask whenever I criticized some misbegotten Trump administration policy (e.g., tariffs). In...
  • Much, Much Bigger Than Facebook

    The Metaverse - Much, Much Bigger Than Facebook Authored by Bill Blain via, “I’m serious. She could actually be a 300-pound dude who lives in his momma’s basement in suburban Detroit. And her name is Chuck.” Facebook is now Meta, and Meta wants to own the Metaverse. Just what is the Metaverse, what are the opportunities, and can Mark Zuckerberg repeat the success of Facebook by monetising a whole new way of doing business, or is it shaping up to be something...

  • Local Holiday Markets Give Small Businesses Much-Needed Boost

    Olde Town Arvada pulled out all the stops for Small Business Saturday! CBS4 Reporter Marissa Armas shows us how critical this is for local businesses.

  • New York City is pushing legislation that will allow noncitizens to register with political parties and vote in local elections

    If City Council approves the bill on December 9, New York City would become the largest municipality in the US to extend voting power to noncitizens,

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