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  • Exclusive– Adam Townsend to Political Junkies: Don't Waste Your 'Emotional Reservoir' on Politics, 'Spend It on Wealth Creation' to Protect Yourself

    Adam Townsend, investor and venture capitalist, advised political observers to monetize their knowledge through investment while warning against the wasteful expenditure of emotional capital on Monday's edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow.

  • Death by Politics

    Let me count the ways: No. 1: China's actions and the virus have stunned the world.  The Western world has concerned itself with the origin of the virus without even questioning what China did at the beginning.  The Chinese

  • The Politics Of Sentiment

    The Politics Of Sentiment Authored by Peter Tchir via Academy Securities, The Politics of Sentiment The politics of, ooh, feeling good. I wanted to follow up on our CONsumer CONfidence T-Report and thoughts on the University of Michigan sentiment survey. Consumer Confidence versus Independents The data on sentiment by political affiliation seems to go back to the middle of 2008. I’ve included this chart because 1. It demonstrates that “independents” are very...

  • The political turducken

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  • The Politics of Menace

    Despite a congressman’s censure, Republicans have shown a growing tolerance for violent rhetoric.

  • Political workarounds

    I had a good laugh when I read former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels’s Nov. 12 op-ed, “

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  • Britain running out of booze

    The United Kingdom, where more than half of adults drink alcohol at least weekly, is running out of stuff to drink because of driver shortages. The drinks industry associationsaid that it was taking up to five times longer for some of its members to import wine and spirits than a year ago. — Read the rest

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